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Holland Lops!

We have Holland Lops! We are currently accepting reservations for our litter of five Holland Lops and their parents. All rabbits are pedigreed and from show lines.

Litter Info: 

DOB: 12/1/22

Reserved: 1

One siamese sable, one broken black, two black, one white (sexes will be determined in few weeks).

Parents Info: (They're for sale too!)

Sire: Earl Grey 

Variety/Color: Siamese sable

DOB: 5/27/22


Dam: Choco 

Variety/Color: Broken black tort

DOB: 9/19/21

Photos and additional details will be added soon.

Last updated: 12/16/22

Below I discuss my criteria for selling, show, brood, 4H, and pet rabbits. Show, Brood, and 4H rabbits will come with a pedigree and a tattoo. Pet rabbits will come without a pedigree (and with a health sheet) and may or may not be tattooed depending on how early they were decided to be pet quality.

Show Rabbits

Show quality rabbits will be sold at a minimum age of 12 weeks. Show rabbits will be evaluated as per the SOP (Standard of Perfection). Rabbits that conform well to the SOP as per my own opinion, and per the opinion of an ARBA rabbit judge if they are shown prior to sale will be sold as show quality.

4H Rabbits

4H rabbits are sold either as show quality rabbits or as showmanship quality rabbits. Show quality rabbits will be evaluated as stated above. Showmanship rabbits may be either show quality rabbits or rabbits that have a few minor faults that would make them less likely to win on the show table, but possess an easy-going temperament for frequent handling in showmanship competitions. Showmanship rabbits are sold at 8-10 weeks. 

Brood Rabbits

Brood rabbits are rabbits that are free of DQ's, but may possess faults that would not enable them a chance to win on the table. However, these rabbits have qualities that make them desirable in certain breeding programs. These may also be false dwarfs or unrecognized varieties, which can be useful in a breeding program. Brood rabbits are sold at a minimum age of 10 weeks.

Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits are rabbits that do not meet the requirements to be shown but have a sweet and friendly personality. I require a vetting process for those interested in obtaining a pet. Minimum age of sale is 8 weeks. Pets rabbits will be sold without a pedigree. They will come with a health sheet containing DOB, breed, sex, and color.

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